Helpful additions to the Schill UK ranges...

In addition to the extensive range of cable reels, we also have a range of associated accessories including:

  • Transport Carts
  • Spring Tensioner and Load Balancer

Transport Carts

A range of reels including heavy-duty for large cable sizes, and reels designed for particular applications such as outside broadcast vehicles, reels for power, data or television signals.

Please Click for TW 4600 Transport Cart Data Sheet

Handwound - SK Stackable Wheels.

Sk Stackable wheels

Spring Tensioner and Load Balancer

Designed and manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards, our spring tensioner/balancer systems ensure a safe and smooth work-flow when tools and machines are being used.
Weight plays a key role in the selection of the correct spring tensioner.
This applies to both the tools and equipment that are to be attached to the unit, together with lead-in cables and any accessories

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