Spring Return Cable Reels - Model: FT150.LAN

A compact and lightweight reel ideal for offices, workshops, production bays, laboratories, schools & colleges

1GBits/s ETHERNET - Universal mounting retractable cable reel.

FT038 Reel

Suitable for use indoors, complete with universal mounting bracket for wall, ceiling or floor mounting.

Entry level retractable reel capable of bringing portable LAN connectivity to many applications in a safe and efficient manner.
It is a sturdy, all thermoplastic design made from high-quality materials, electrically insulated and corrosion resistant.
Depending on requirements, the desired length of cable is unwound; the remaining cable is neatly stored on the reel - safe from dirt and damage. When the cable connection is no longer required, a short pull on the stopper and the cable neatly rewinds.

A spring return cable reel means a safe and organized workplace.


  • 100BASE-Tx/1000BASE-T Capable.
  • Cat6 cable – higher performance.
  • Retractable Cable Length: 5m.
  • RJ45 Plug & Socket fitted.
  • Weight: 1.4kg
  • Adjustable ball stop
  • Universal mounting bracket
  • IP20 protection

FT150.LAN Data sheet available for pdf download

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