Hand Wound Cable Reels - Steel HT Range

Metal Reels in various sizes for most applications

Steel SK Cable Reel

A comprehensive range to accommodate a large variety of cable sizes and lengths. Powder coated steel flanges with rolled edges to prevent damage to cables.

Heavy-duty steel stand for strength, with friction brake for smooth rewind and stowage. A brass earth bar is fitted between the front and rear flanges to allow for external metal earthing when required.
All reels with the exception of the SK260 and SK300 have a removable faceplate for mounting sockets etc.

Some versions are available with a slip ring assembly to enable the user to pay the cable out without the need to disconnect from the power source. External flanges are also available where a panel-mounted socket is not required, but a lead and mobile socket or plug is required.

* Now available by special order in BLACK.

Specifications: HT Range

Part No Data Sheet
HT 260 SO pdf Download
HT 300K-RM pdf Download
HT 300 SO pdf Download
HT 305K-SO pdf Download
HT380-MS24 pdf Download
HT 380 RM pdf Download
HT 380 SO pdf Download
HT 385 MFK pdf Download
HT 385 RM pdf Download
HT 385 SO pdf Download
HT 480 RM pdf Download
HT 481 SO pdf Download
HT 485 MFK pdf Download
HT 582 MFK pdf Download
HT 582 RM pdf Download
HT 582 SO pdf Download