Spring Return Cable Reels - Model: FT038

Thermoplastic reels for longer lengths of cable and use externally

FT038 Reel

Large, robust wall, floor or ceiling mounting spring-retractable reel, IP44 rated.
Suitable for commercial & industrial areas where longer cable lengths may be required.

The FT038 series is the largest of the spring retractable reels manufactured from sturdy thermoplastic, the reel is electrically insulated & corrosion resistant.
Depending on requirements, the desired length of cable is pulled out of the reel, leaving the remaining cable neatly stored on the reel safe from damage and dirt. When the cable connection is no-longer required, a short pull on the ball- stop and the cable neatly rewinds.

A spring-return cable reel means a safe & organized workplace.


  • Load capacities up to 32A.
  • Single & 3-phase 4 & 5-wire variants, including an earth-bonding version
  • Multi-core variants up to x20 cores available
  • Control voltage/Signal transfer collector option – up to x25 cores
  • Uprated torque variant’s for lifting non-standard loads up to 4Kg • Cable lengths from 15m to 25m – 1.0mm2 to 4mm2, in HO7RN-F cables
  • Wall, floor & ceiling brackets. (Wall bracket supplied as standard)
  • Manual On/Off cable retraction ratchet
  • Adjustable ball-stop
  • High quality brass sliprings / sliver contacts
  • Maintenance free ball-bearing axle
  • IP44 protection
  • Operating temp: 5°C to 60°C

For data and video version - please contact Schill UK Ltd

FT 038 Range - Data Sheet available as a print out pdf