Spring Return Cable Reels - Model: FT260

Small, robust wall ceiling or floor mounting spring-retractable reel, suitable for offices, small workshops, laboratories, schools & production areas

FT260 Cable Reel

Available with varying cable lengths, single or 3-phase – 4 or 5-wire variants with load capacities up to 32A.
Manufactured from sturdy thermoplastic, the reel is electrically insulated & corrosion resistant.

  • Adjustable ball stop
  • Ratchet on/off facility
  • Fused terminal block
  • 0.8m Ohm contact resistance
  • Universal mounting bracket
  • IP 20 protection

FT 260 - Data Sheet available as a print out pdf

Also available FT260 LAN:

1GBits/s ETHERNET/LAN Universal-mounting spring retractable cable reel.
The FT260 brings LAN connectivity to numerous applications in a safe and efficient manner.
It is a sturdy, all thermoplastic design manufactured from high-quality materials, electrically insulated and corrosion resistant.
Depending on requirements, the desired length of cable is unwound; the remaining cable is neatly stored on the reel - safe from dirt and damage.
When the cable connection is no longer required, a short pull on the stopper and the cable neatly rewinds.

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